Quiet Rooms

Quiet Rooms are dedicated spaces within the workplace designed to provide a calming and tranquil environment in which employees can relax and collect themselves.

Quiet Room

The potential gains for employees/organisations or anyone using such a relaxing room are enormous.

Evidence shows that using such a relaxing room or a quiet room do improve our ability to reflect and cope better, making employees feel valued, improving their sense of well being and ultimately promoting mental and physical health.

To view the independent research carried out on quiet rooms, click on this link: Quiet Room Research


Quiet Rooms can also be repurposed as multi faith prayer room, employee counselling space or even informal meeting or interview area.

Total Therapy Group are able to develop this type of room in any kind of workplace environment - administractive, industrial, medical or educational. All that is required is a room or office permanently set aside for the purpose - we take care of the rest.

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